Why Choose Us?

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Why choose to stay with Toronto Suite Rentals (TSR)?
Toronto Suite Rentals strives to take care of all your accommodation needs with attention to detail, so that you can focus on things more important to you.All our locations are conveniently located in and around the downtown areas of Toronto, North York, and Mississauga.
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Why do people use us?
Here are some of the reasons our guests keep coming back to us:

Personal Accommodation

For extended stays, moving in-between homes, or other reasons... we provide convenience and hassle-free accommodation especially if you have a busy lifestyle. With our furnished suites, you don't need to interrupt your routine and can still enjoy the same comforts of home such as the option to make a home cooked meal whenever you want in our fully equipped kitchens. This can save money from eating out and can prepare foods according to your personal dietary needs too. Just one of the many reasons why staying with us can be a better choice!

Corporate and Business Accommodation

Business professionals are too busy with business than to be burdened by accommodation troubles. Toronto Suite Rentals offer larger living spaces compared to a typical hotel room, especially if you're planning to stay for many months or even a year.

We know a proper office work area and more closet space for extended business stays are highly regarded. Also, having a fully equipped kitchen to make homemade comfort food is invaluable.

If you are coming with your business team, we have multiple suites within the same building so staying close together is a huge advantage and time-saver. If your team prefers to work and stay together we have lofts and large townhomes that can accommodate up to 6 persons comfortably.

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Are there any extra costs or fees?
The quoted prices include, utilities, hydro, internet and the use of the building's amenities.
Cleaning services, parking, and storage services can be added for an extra fee.
There are no taxes in Toronto for long-term stays.